Gudrun Arndt was born 1966 in Bremen, Germany. She grow up in an artistic household where her interest in art and especially photography were awakened already when she was a young girl.

Consequently, Gudrun studied arts at university. During that time some of her early images were presented to the public in different exhibitions. After her studies she became an assistant to the commercial photographer Bernd Mayer in Frankfurt am Main. Varied work with medium and large format cameras formed her field of action.

Amongst the occasional work with analogue material on a SLR, a medium format camera or a camera obscura, Gudrun is mainly focussing on the digital world using DSLR’s.

Independent from the material used, she is trying to look at photography from a more artistic point of view not denying her gut instinct or the right eye for the image to be taken. Both aspects are commonly accepted as major prerequisites for a good photographer.

From the beginning, Gudrun aimed on images to be influenced mainly by her own style instead of working based upon strict layouts. She was influenced by creative photographers as Ralph Gibson, Bill Brandt or Andreas Feininger, who said: “My photo books will indeed not be sold in millions as some bestsellers… They are not intended for everybody in any case. They are intended for ambitious people, who are open minded enough to enjoy exceptional views and ideas and who are interested in my work, because we are speaking the same language.”